2010 MFA The Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Boston, MA


2011 Cardon+McNuty, Jane Deering Gallery, Gloucester, MA (jun-jul)
Yes Oui Si, SMFA Project Space, Boston, MA
Live performance with John Mallia
Modulations, Massachusetts College of Art and Desing, Boston, MA
- Brisance

2010 Locusonus, Marseille, France
- locustream promenade - festival MIMI
Perceived Light (composition)
- luminous flux, 19:03
- radiant flux, 10:07
Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Boston
2 gallery installation works
- Backscatter, 5 channels, mixed to stereo. (23:51)
- Quatermass, 7 channels, mixed to stereo. (22:01)

2009 Live performance at New England Conservatory, Boston
sonophy 6, data set 1,3
Lissajous_18, plotting harmonic shifts
You, Me and Some Synesthesia, Doran Gallery, Boston
breyting berbergi
pi day 2009 soundwork at
Live on Rare Frequency / WZBC radio
Lamictal™ (36 min)

2008 2 live sound performances in The Speaker Project by Juan Angel Chavez
Paine Gallery at Massachusetts College of Art and Design, Boston
landslagsmalari, verb form of landscaping
elenime, discrete-time signals
sonophy 14, cellular data complexion
punkt, test in rate-distortion theory
sputnik 50, on Beat Research Lab, vol. 1, CD
Live on Rare Frequency / WZBC radio
Fuselage Vibration

2007 2 live performances of sound works on WZBC (Boston College) radio, hosted by Susanna Bolle and LEF foundation
2007 Sound work, minumism commisioned and created for Audiotong (Karkow, Poland).
full length CD sound work of, cloud of unknowing, on Badbeatz (Germany).
live performances @ Swieta Krowa (Krakow, Poland).
A|V Space, Rochester, NY, Curator of multimedia projects.

2006 Performace @ Drake Underground (Toronto) w/ Olaf Bender (byetone) raster-noton.
Streaming audio from Boston for sound project.

2005 Collecting of sounds and images, Reykjavik, Iceland. (Set @ Living Museum)
Collecting of sounds and images, Oslo, Norway (Set @ Telenor)
Sound + Image installation @ AV, entitled, Heimspeki
SOUNDSCAPEpgh, audio installation, Pittsburgh
Performance @ New Works Studio, Toronto, with Marqido, William A. Davison and Mike Hansen

2004 Online releases of back catalog of audio works @
Live performance @ Diapason Gallery (NYC)
Live performance @ A|V Space (Roc, NY) with video work by Pete Schirmer
Performed with John Saunders as part of DUOS @ A|V Space (Roc, NY)
Joined A|V Space (Roc, NY) as a curator

2003 Full length CD work of, ‘Cloud of Unknowing’, on Badbeatz (Germany).
Re-issue of Photophobia - Cathpesin (CD) on Earphone Music
Studio creation, Laboratory of Hearing

2002 Compilation track on Dream Zone compilation, Studio Forum, France
Earphone releases, Neurontin on CD
Piece entitled ‘Rending’ on the bufferFuct project @ and STEIM
Piece entitled ‘Wassermench’ for the John Watermann Memorial project @
Release of ‘Aepreen’ @ das noise (Germany)
Contribution of work, ‘Instant Les Trajectories’, to 4 composers compilation

2001 Participant in HomeStudio Collective - Jukebox 3.0 (Marseille, France)
Contribution to: food-u-later (online sound project)
Contribution of track, ‘Cinn’, to 1 compilation
Contribution of track, ‘Nachkupfern’, to ‘M - the rotten things’ on Badbeatz (Germany) (Germany)
Contribution to, Electronic Musik Compilation Vol. 1 : Valve Testing by Ian Simpson(UK)
Contribution of track, ‘Gamelon Fire Escape’, to 2 compilation

2000 Piece, ‘Gecko on glass’ on, Virtual Zoo (CD, Studio Forum, France)
Piece, ‘midden’ on ‘epsilon’ compilation. (MC, Megahertz, Germany)
Creation of .tiln a website of digital sound difussion
Contribution of tracks to: Underconstructing (Japan)
Release of, Oben Triptych (3 pieces) @ techNOH (Scotland, UK)