Michael Porter : Bio

Jane Deering Gallery


Michael Porter was born 1948 in Derbyshire, a county renowned for its rugged natural beauty, as a child and youth he made the most of his surroundings, walking the dales and climbing the local grit stone.

At the age of 15 he attended nearby Nottingham college of Art and later Derby College of Art completing both ungraduate and post-graduate studies at Chelsea School of Art, finished his academic training as Fellow in Fine Art at Gloucestershire College of Art in 1973.  From 1974 he worked in the same studio in Hackney, East London until his move to Cornwall in 1997 during this period he lectured in most major Art Schools in London and the provinces as well as several throughout Europe.

His work has been regularly exhibited in museums and contemporary galleries in London, Europe and America and has been the recipient of numerous major awards e.g.. The National Gallery Artist in residence, The Lorne Award London University, The Odin Award RWA, Honorary doctorate from Derby University.

For the past 20 years he has worked exclusively from the landscape, always using locations that he has been familiar with over long periods of time as the paintings incorporate both time past and time present.

“He respects the native tradition of landscape painting whilst reinventing it by means of his innovatory techniques and personal vision......his prolific technical experiments have been harnessed to a radical form of realism resulting in works that are equivalent to natural phenomena and which take the viewer into metaphysical realms.” Clive Phillpot

2007  Honorary Fellow of University College Falmouth 
2005 First Prize, Royal West of England Open, Bristol. 
2004 Artist in Residence, Cape Ann Historical Museum, Gloucester, 
Massachusetts - linked with Montserrat College of Art, Massachusetts, 
USA (Arts Council Major Award)  
2000/3 Arts & Humanities Research Board Research Fellow, Falmouth College of 
1999  Honorary Doctorate in Professional Practice, University of Derby.  
  Short Residency, Eggbuckland Community College 
1993/4  The Lorne Award, London University 
1992  Short Residency, University of Warwick 
1990  International Artist Meeting, Bulgaria, Supported by the British Council
1982/3  Artist in residence, The National Gallery, London 
1981  GLAA Major Award 
1980  Gold Medal, European Prize for Painting, Belgium 
  Lina Garnade Memorial Prize, Guildford 
1976  Arts Council of Great Britain Minor Award 
1972  Fellow in Fine Art, Gloucestershire College of Art 
1971  Arthur Tooth Gallery Prize, Peter Stuyvesant Prize 
1970 Biddulph Scholarship, Arts Council of Great Britain Prize, Young 
Contemporaries. Peter Stuyvesant prize. 
1968  Earp Scholarship

2009  Repton School, Derbyshire    
         Purdy Hicks Gallery, London 
2008  The Exchange, Penzance 
2007   Going to Ground, Purdy Hicks Gallery 
          Jane Deering Fine Art, Boston MA
2005   Familiar Walks, Purdy Hicks Gallery 
2004   Scanning the Ground, Purdy Hicks Gallery 
          Ocean View, Montserrat College of Art Gallery, Beverley, MA 
          Shell, Sitting Still, Cape Ann Museum, Gloucester, MA 
2003   Pathless Woods and Lonely Shore, Derby Museum & Art Gallery 
          Purdy Hicks Gallery (works on paper)  
2002  A Sense of Place, Purdy Hicks Gallery  
         Gwavas Lake, South Hill Park Gallery, Berkshire 
2001   Gwavas Lake, Tate Gallery, St Ives 
          Purdy Hicks Gallery 
          Six Chapel Row, Bath (with Christopher Cook) 
2000  Purdy Hicks Gallery  
         Galerie Brennecke, Berlin  
1999  Tregoning Fine Art,The Ashbourne Gallery, Derbyshire 
         Royal West of England Academy, Bristol  
         Kilkenny Arts Festival, Kilkenny  
1998  Angel Row Gallery, Nottingham 
         Falmouth College of Art Gallery, Falmouth 
         The Arts Centre, Plymouth 
1997   Stones, Rocks and Leaves, Purdy Hicks Gallery  
1996  Terrace Gallery, Harewood House, Yorkshire (with John Blakemore) 
         Abbot Hall Art Gallery, Kendal 
1995  Galerie Bellint, Paris (two person exhibition) 
1994/95  Shining Cliff Woods, Djanogly Gallery, University of Nottingham; 
         Atkinson Art Gallery, Millfield School, Somerset; The Stansell Gallery, 
         Taunton, Somerset; Royal Botanic Gardens, Edinburgh; Hatton Gallery, 
         University of Newcastle; Purdy Hicks Gallery, London  
1993 Purdy Hicks Gallery 
1991/92 Close to the Ground, Pomeroy Purdy Gallery, London; Whitworth 
        Gallery, University of Manchester; Reg Vardy Gallery, Sunderland; Mead 
        Gallery, University of Warwick, Coventry; Midland Contemporary Art, 
        Birmingham; Derby Museum and Art Gallery, Derby.
1991 Blason Gallery, London;Pomeroy Purdy Gallery, London. 
1988 Fabian Carlsson Gallery,London; Mappin Gallery, Sheffield.
1986  Galeria Akumulatory 2, Poznan, Poland 
1985 Anne Berthoud Gallery, London  
1984 Ian Birkstead Gallery, London 
1983 National Gallery, London  
1982 Atlantis Gallery, London  
1981 Ian Birkstead Gallery, New York 
1980 Ian Birkstead Gallery 
        Kettle’s Yard, Cambridge  
        Matts Gallery, London  
1978  Ian Birkstead Gallery 
1976  ACME Gallery, London

Arthur Andersen & Co. 
Arts Council      
Birmingham Museum & Art Gallery   
Bolton Art Museum 
British Council  
British Museum (Alexander Walker Bequest)    
Contemporary Art Society   
Contemporary Art Museum, Warsaw, Poland. 
Department of the Environment    
Derby Museum and Art Gallery 
Deutsche Bank 
Government Art Collection   
Harewood House 
Leicestershire Education Authority 
Museum of the Natural World 
National Gallery of Australia, Canberra  
National Gallery of South Africa, Cape Town 
Nature in Art Museum 
New York Public Library 
Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew       
Royal West of England Academy 
Smolyan Art Gallery, Bulgaria   
Sunderland Museum & Art Gallery 
The National Gallery, London     
Whitworth Art Gallery, University of Manchester 
University of Nottingham    
University of Warwick 
University of Derby 
Victoria & Albert Museum