NATHAN HAYDEN (United States, born 1977)

Dancing is integral to my work.  I dance one hour each day.  The dancing brings visions from which I synthesize my work.

Utilizing small pieces of thick paper torn into pocket-sized rectangles -- referred to as the cards -- I record my visions in the form of small ink drawings.  On the back of each one,  I write often-illogical expressions and statements that I hear or invent when encountering unfamiliar combinations of words that have great rhythm or elicit multiple meanings. These thoughts and snippets of conversation narrate the work and provide titles for my paintings and installations.  All of my work is built out of these images and writings.


2009 MFA, University of California, Santa Barbara, CA

2001 BFA, Miami University, Oxford, OH


2013   go innocent into the forest my children, Jane Deering Gallery, Santa  Barbara, CA    

2010 a beam of shadow a ray of light, Sam Lee Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

            for the walking purpose, Pacific Design Center, Los Angeles, CA

2009 some are sweet and some are nasty, Atkinson Gallery, Santa Barbara, CA

2007 Manhattan Beach Project, The Manhattan Beach Art Center, Manhattan Beach, CA

2005 A Spectacle of Synthetic Enchantment, Gallery X, Hite Art Institute, University of Louisville, Louisville, KY

2003 On the Bottom: An Excessively Touching Display of Attempts in Communication, Zephyr Gallery, 

            Louisville, KY


2013 Double Trouble Redux, Curated by Nancy Gifford, The Arts Fund, Santa Barbara, CA

Common Objects, Curated by Shane Tolbert, David Shelton Gallery, Houston, TX

Old Solar Rays: Pop-up Cult in Public Places, Contemporary Arts Forum, Santa Barbara, CA 

2012 Portals, Curated by Carly Margolis, The Sacred Door, Venice, CA

Marine Salon No. 9, Curated by Claressinka Anderson and Yasmine Mohseni, Marine Salon, 

            Santa Monica, CA 

Hello Earth, Curated by Sophie Grant, The Loom, Brooklyn, NY

Open House, Curated by Miki Garcia, Contemporary Arts Forum, Santa Barbara, CA

2011 SBMOVES: Artist Videos on gas pump screens, Curated by Laurel Beckman, Santa Barbara, CA 

2010      Small Images, Atkinson Gallery, Santa Barbara, CA

2009 Backyard, Sam Lee Gallery, Los Angeles, CA 

Dreamtigers, co-curated by Jane Callister and Miki Garcia, Contemporary Arts Forum, 

            Santa Barbara, CA

Miami University Department of Art 2009 Bicentennial Exhibition, curated by Lena Vigna, 

            Miami University Art Museum, Oxford, OH

2008 Twelve, Santa Barbara Museum of Art: Ridley Tree Education Center, Santa Barbara, CA

Summer Guests, Acuna-Hansen Gallery, Los Angeles, CA

Do It To Death, Galery 1434, Santa Barbara, CA

Don’t Have Much but I Give it All to You, The Old Gym, Santa Barbara, CA

2006 Draw, Paper, Scissors, curated by Meg Linton, Domestic Setting, Los Angeles, CA

Selected Drawings, The Quonset Hut, Louisville, KY

Portal, Adorno Studio, Louisville, KY

2003 Pushing the Box, The Water Tower, Louisville, KY


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