Nature Prevails | Vanessa Michalak + Chloe Leigh

November 6 - 21 . 2021

With a Special Pop-Up of Handcrafted Fine Jewelry by Chloe Leigh on the weekend of November 20th and 21st

“I have an utter wonderment of and reverence for the landscape. With each brushstroke, I hope to carry the excitement and energy that emanates from everything around us and reminds us all of the beauty of our existence.”     

— Vanessa Michalak . November 2021

Growing up surrounded by the ocean landscape of Cape Ann, I find inspiration in the natural environment. My inspiration stems from the love of the sea and its complex habitat of plants and flowers. I’m drawn to circular forms, a warm palate, and hidden features that are often overlooked.”

— Chloe Leigh . November 2021