Jane Deering Gallery
Juni Van Dyke | Painting is music you can see
October 30 - December 17 . 2016
Thursday - Sunday . 12noon - 5:00pm and by appointment

"There are no walls between the arts. Poetry and dance; painting and music; music and sculpture -- all share commonalities.” Inspirational words by the late choreographer Ina Hahn. For someone such as Van Dyke who had studied piano long enough to know that musical virtuosity was going to allude her, such words are, says Van Dyke, “wonderful to run into,” as are these by Miles Davis —
Music is painting you can hear. Painting is music you can see.

Accordingly, one touches base with what might be described as a fundamental vocabulary intrinsic in art dialogue. Words such as balance, color, rhythm are useful here in making the connection between Van Dyke's paintings and music. The work is rhythmic, well choreographed, balanced, and infused with color.

Van Dyke is an optimist. "Cape Ann sustains my optimism -- energizes me -- whatever the season, whatever the weather. The natural world on Cape Ann is a compelling incentive for capturing sight and song."

Asked what music she might have in mind that could relate to her work, Van Dyke responds: "I am told that my paintings are joyful. I suppose that there are colors in my work not unlike the colors you might hear in say, Happy Birthday, maybe even a chromatic compatibility with the second movement in Beethoven's Moonlight Sonata. Though, not even with another lifetime could I play this hallowed piece, I can perhaps borrow some finite measure of the yellows, the dark greens, and the oranges that I hear.”

Also on view in the exhibition is a small selection of works by the senior citizens in Van Dyke’s art program at the Rose Baker Senior Center, Gloucester Massachusetts. They are a testament to the individual vision each of us owns.

"The artworks on display here are by Senior Citizens whose important life's work have circumvented formal art training. Now, with more time and the passion to explore other mediums (watercolor, oil, clay, collage, etc.) these seniors are continuing along in the journey of self-expression. Each work shows us that we are all equipped with a unique set of sensibilities informed by many years of artistic decisions implicit in daily living."
Juni VanDyke 2016
Art Director/Rose Baker Senior Center

Juni Van Dyke is a graduate of the School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and holds an MAT from Tufts University. Since 1993, she has been the Director of the Arts Program at the Rose Baker Senior Center, Gloucester Massachusetts; under her direction, work created by the senior citizens has been exhibited in museums and public institutions in New England. The completion of the quilt project celebrating Gloucester neighborhoods has been acquired by the Cape Ann Museum, Gloucester MA. She is the recipient of several awards and grants, including the St. Botolph Foundation Award, Boston; the Massachusetts Cultural Council Grant; and an honorary citation from the Massachusetts Senate for her outstanding contribution to the arts. Van Dyke’s work is held in the permanent collection of the Cape Ann Museum, Gloucester, MA and in private collections. Her work was selected by Room&Board, for inclusion in its limited edition art series and is on view throughout the US in Room&Board locations. Van Dyke lives and maintains a studio in Manchester, MA.

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