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Featured Artist : Ann Diener

Ann Diener
Based in Los Angeles, California

MFA : University of California, Santa Barbara
BA : University of California, Los Angeles

"My drawings map the history of place. They move through spaces and merge the historical with the current, the well-known with the obscure. It is a rendering of place in perpetual motion. The framework for the work starts with a diagram of a specific place obtained through looking at maps and through physical investigation, recording pathways traveled. Layered on top of the diagram or map are images of landscape, people, architecture, painting, printed matter, symbols, textiles and found photographs from multiple points in time. These are categorized into a visual vocabulary of recurring forms and shapes, a re-framing of the place through individual experience. I am interested in the additive nature of place. As a new building or landscape takes form, it obliterates what was there before.

The drawings are labyrinthine, improvisational architectural meanderings, simulated depictions seen all at once from multiple perspectives, small moments and a massive complicated whole.  I am interested in making random connections among objects, people and places so that everything in the drawing interacts with everything else. The objective is to peel back the layers of a place, unearthing imagery from various time periods, things that are hidden in plain sight, and allowing the viewer to serendipitously connect unrelated sources until a story unfolds."
Ann DIener . 2014

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